About the project

«Sea Symphony» includes a 20-storey and 10-storey buildings. The Complex of the apartments are located on the coastal zone, 100 meters from the water's edge. As a result, for this Complex was selected special construction technology’s.

The Complex of the apartments had monolith frame with increased level of seismic resistance. Complex fundament consist of 269 foundation bored cast-concrete piles with 25 m long and 1.2 m in diameter. Fire safety at this constructions on the first place too. Each equipped has accessible entrance marching moves according to International and Ukrainian Fare safety rules.

For build works was used only the most modern and safe materials. Walls and inner walls made of aerated concrete of the Ytong company. Aside from the great insulation this material has good sound absorbing properties. Soundproofing provide high-quality windows also, so even murmur of the sea can be heard only if the cord you want it.

Systems of natural and forced ventilation well thought also. Traditional for elite complexes autonomous systems of energy and water also provided at The Sea Symphony. They are also have a number of features and benefits. In particular, all of the equipment for these systems was bought at specialized companies and installed by highly skilled professionals.

Modern fiber-optic technologies allow to provide excellent quality of the telephone services and high speed Internet connection. Unlimited amount of information coming through the cable television system also. Special attention was paid to the shore protection structures that protect Complex against sea elements. And not only Complex but surrounding area also.

Materials and modern technologies for the Complex was founded long before the signing of all necessary technical documentation. Execution works on strengthening of the coastline has been entrusted to high-level professionals. This complex - the only one in Odessa. «Sea Symphony» is a unique project because of technology facilities which corresponds not only with domestic, but also with European norms of construction.

«Sea Symphony» - one of the best creations of Michael Povstanyuk, Chief Architect of the project and Leader of the project organization «Архпроект МДМ». He proposed to erect an absolute aesthetic of sun and sea at this Complex. That's it - a person with an incredible amount of titles and regalia’s. He created not buildings only but naturalness and simplicity blend in the space of the sea, the sky and the unique Odessa’s climate.

View from the window of your apartment always will be immaculate - because the sea is lovely regardless of weather conditions. Same impeccable will be your feelings. «Sea Symphony» have all for it. Fresh products at the supermarket. The most delicious muffins in a coffee shop. The best food at the restaurant. Largest in the city Spa-center and swimming pool and the most extensive guest parking also provided at Complex.