Unable to operate the marine element, but tamed is able. That's why the Complex of apartments are located just a few steps from sea and has the highest degree of safety. Each stage of the Complex construction works was tested for the highest technological requirements and aesthetic compatibility with the environment.

One of the most important features of the Complex is the ability to independently design. You can buy an apartment "from the builders", created for creative search and create apartments by yourself This option includes not only prepared for the future work floor and walls, but also supply all the necessary communications, the installation of meters.

The second option – to buy apartments where plans will be implement according to your wishes and needs.

The third option embodies the unique market gentrification approach – you can buy furnished apartments. In this case, you just need to explain your vision and talk about it with our experts and we will do all for your comfort living.

And for customers who want more then apartments we are offering penthouses with access to the roof and wonderful views on Odessa historical centre and Black Sea. We even have amazing apartments with round dining rooms in which you will find panoramic views on the sea.

You can stay most of the day here. You have all for it here: restaurants, swimming pools, Wellness-and Spa-center, gym. Or you can spend your time just to change traveling suit to the office. Your personal space will always comply with the maximum comfort.

The complex has a concierge-hour duty, which at any time ready to take over the organization and the decision of domestic issues. It is administered by the interaction with dry cleaning, laundry, repair shops. With it, you can also order a taxi or book tickets. Staff «Room service», at your request, will provide clean and tidy of your apartment and will take the trouble to minor repairs and other details. For kids in addition to a playground was planned playroom, where, together with a sensitive good nanny they can comprehend the mysteries of the alphabet, and features of the warm human relationships in a small group of peers.

Floors 20
Number of Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 5 bedrooms
The area of apartments from 69,62 m to 246,32 m
Construction Monolithic construction frame building with increased seismic resistance of foundation. Exterior and interior walls made of aerated concrete. Free room layout. Height - 3 m Heat and sound insulation.
Water supply 24 hours provided by German high-pressure pumps and storage tanks. To ensure uninterrupted power supply was built autonomous transformer substation.
Heating ---
Ventilation and air conditioning systems Are used both natural and forced ventilation. Modern heating system provides a comfortable room temperature. Provides pre-installation of air conditioning.
Windows German production with triple glazing.
Speed Elevators Good quality from market leader – Otis company.
Door Armored door with wood trim.
Communications and television Fiber optic network, allowing to use the Internet, phone, TV cable network.
Security 24-hour security complex.

To the Complex you can go by three ways:

  • from the side of 10 station of the Big Fountain;
  • Literaturnaya Str.;
  • Genuezskaya Str.